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Inner Landscape | Tiroedd Mewnol
agor 21/05/21
dysgwch mwy

Ethan Beswick & Robert Law collaborate on behalf of The North Wales Project to respond site specifically to the North of Wales, tracking its transition as it emerges tentatively out of an enforced slumber.  

Tiroedd Mewnol
Inner Landscapes

Welsh Cameraless Photographer Patricia Ziad showcases her latest landscape works, embodying the artist's close familiarity with the spaces, textures and patterns observed in rural Wales.


Gwres Coch
Red Heat

A documentary photo-diary project produced during the global pandemic of Covid-19 by Russian photographer, Igor Tereshkov. 


Waliau Putin
Walls of Putin

An exploration into the centuries deep tradition of place portraits of prominent leaders on the walls of Russia by documentary photographer, Eduard Korniyenko.

Eduard Korniyenko Image.jpg
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